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Thursday, November 15, 2012

FTU Baby It's Cold Outside

This tut was made using PSPx5
And knowledge of PSPx5.

Supplies needed 
FTU Kit Northern Light by Designs by Vaybs HERE
Tube of Choice. I am using Steve Baier. 
You need a lic to use his work. You can get it and his work HERE.
Font of choice I used Shelly Volante BT. You can get it HERE
Eye Candy 4000 Gradiant Glow.

When you see ** look at tag to see placement for Elements. 
Sometimes it is hard to say just how to place it.
Drop shadows added are unless otherwise stated.

It is always good to check for overhang of shadow on edges of tag. 
I have made a tag or to and not check and when I got done 
I would post it and see the over hang on the sides and think MAN!! lol

Remember to save often.

New image 600x250
Floodfill with any color Copy
Open DBV_NorthernLightPaper (6) Paste the white layer on it.
Selections all, float, Defloat, Select the paper layer and copy
Paste as new layer on the Sig tag. Delete white layer.

Open DBV_NLElement Resize by 75% Copy and paste as new layer.
Move to the left of tag and down.** Add drop shadow.

Open DBV_NLElement (32) Copy and paste as new layer.
Move to bottom left of tag.** Add drop shadow.

Now you want to Hide the white layer and Merge Visable.
Name this layer Background layer. 

Open tube copy and paste as new layer. You may or may
not have to resize depending on the tube use. This one I used
I did not have to resize. Move to the right of the tag and down.**
Add drop shadow.

One the background Selections All. Select tube layer, then Selections invert
Delete. This will get rid of the over hang tube. Selections none.

Back on the background Selections All, Modify Contract by 5, invert
Add new rastor layer. Move this layer to the top. Invert, flood fill
with a color from tag. Selections none. Adjust, Add/remove noise,
add noise Gaussian, 50% Monochrome checked. ok. Add drop shadow.

Now go ahead and add proper/clear copyright and Lic.# (If Needed)
If you wish to add the Baby Its Cold Outside add it now. Then your name.
I used eyecandy 400 gradiant glow on the quote and the name. 
Settings glow 3, soft corners 0, overall opacity 100, Draw only on outside checked.
Added a drop shadow of 2, 2, 100,5. 

If you do not plan on animating then you are done with this part
of the Signature.

For the animation
Hide the background layer and your name Merge Visable.
Unhide the other layers. Over the background layer add new layer
floodfill with black. Duplicate 2 times. First layer name Snow 1
Middle Snow 2 and the top one snow 3.

Go to Snow 1 Adjust add/remove noise Add noise settings are
Random, 100%, Monochrome checked. Adjust, Blur, Blur.
Adjust, Brightness and contrast, levels, Settings are
RGB, 37, 58, 85 click ok Blend mode Screen. 
Repeat on Snow 2 and Snow 3.

Hide the merged layer with the tube, Snow 2 and snow 3.
Copy merged. Open animation shop paste as new animation.
Hide Snow 1 and unhide Snow 2 Copy Merged and in animation
shop paste after current frame. Hide Snow 2 and unhide Snow 3.
Copy merged and paste after current frame. Edit select all.
You have your snowy background now.

In psp hide background and snow layers. Unhide the merged layer
with the tube. It should consist of Quote, Tube, and frame and copyright.
Paste in animation shop. Edit duplicate selected, repeat.
Edit Select all.

Now you want to make sure you are on F:1 Click and Drag it to F:1
of your snowy background making sure it is all in right place before
you let go.

If you plan on making this for more then one person I sugest you save it now
in animation. Then all you have to do is open it and add name like this..
Back in psp copy your name and repeat same steps and you did before
with the frame, tube, quote, copyright layer.

For the Avitar in PSP
On the sig tag (after you save it for a blank if your gonna save it)
Delete the top layer, name and the snow layers.

Using crop tool set it to W 150, H 150 Move to a part of
the background you want in the avi. Click on the check.
Image Flip Horizontal. Selections all, Modify, contract by 4, invert.
Add new rastor layer flood fill with same color used on Sig.
Selections none.

Adjust Add/remove noise, add noise, Settings
Gaussian, 50% Monochrome checked. ok. Add drop shadow.

Using same font as before add your First letter or if it fits
name which ever you prefer and save. Settings for gradiant glow 
and drop shadow for this are the same as used on the name 
and quote in the Sig.

This tutorial was written by Rebecca Townsley on 11/15/12.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Any creations you make following this  tutorial is yours
to do with as you please as long as there is no profit made.
This tutorial is not to be copied or passed around.

I would love to see your results!
If you would like them shown on my blog
Send them to with
FTU Baby It's Cold Outside in the subject line
Can't wait to check them out!


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