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Thursday, July 24, 2014

CT Tut Devine Animation

This tut was made using PSPx4 and Animation shop.
And knowledge of PSPx4 and Animation Shop.

Supplies needed 

Tube of choice. I used one by Elias Chatzoudis.
You need a license to use his work. You can get it 
and hhis work here at Elias Art Shop.
PTU kit I am Devine by Wicked Princess Scraps.
Can get it at The PSP Project.
Animation used Candle Flames by Scrappy Bit of Fun.
Mask of choice. I used DBV Mask 15 by Designs b Vaybs.
Font of choice. I used Motion Picture.

Go ahead and open list of Things here used and go ahead and resize them
by the percentage by each item. If there is no number no need to resize.

DBV Mask 15
Tube Close up Resized to fit

When you see ** look at tag to see placement for Elements. 
Sometimes it is hard to say just how to place it.
Drop shadows added are unless otherwise stated.

It is always good to check for overhang of shadow on edges of tag. 
I have made a tag or to and not check and when I got done 
I would post it and see the over hang on the sides and think MAN!! lol

Remember to save often.

Start off with New image 600 x 600. Flood fill white.

Copy and paste WP_IAD_PP7 as new layer. Layers, New Mask layer. 
Find the mask in the list Click ok. Merge group

Copy and paste WP_IAD_FLOWER1 as new layer. Images Flip Horizontal.
Add drop Shadow.

Copy and paste WP_IAD_FRAME1 as new layer. Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste. tube as new layer. Move behind frame layer.
Add drop shadow. On tube layer selections all float defloat. 
On frame layer erase parts of frame so it looks like the tube
is coming out of the frame. Selections none. Erase any tube 

Copy and paste WP_IAD_VIOLIN as new layer. Move to bottom right
of tag.** Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste WP_IAD_BIRD as new layer. Move to top left of the
tag.** Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste WP_IAD_FLOWER4 as new layer. Move to left of tag.**
Add drop shadow.

Copy and paste WP_IAD_CANDLES as new layers. Using pick tool resize
to a smaller size. Move to bottom right of tag.** Duplcate using pick
tool resize it to a different size. Repeat. Place them kinda of infront 
of each other kinda zig zag.** Add drop shadow. 

Add copyright info. Merge layers.Now for the Animation. 

Open animation shop. 

File Open new find the candle flames and open them.
Edit Select All. 

In PSP copy the layers and then paste as new
animation in AS. Edit Duplicate selected till you 
have same amount of frames as the candle flame.
Edit Select all. 

Now take the flame from frame 1 amd move to over the flame
on frame one on one of the candles. Go back to candle frames and 
hit undo you will see them reapear. Repeat for the other two falmes.

Back in PSP put your name on the tag add drop shadow. Copy and paste 
as new layer. Copy that and past as new layer in AS. Edit Duplicate 
selected till you have same amount of frames as your tag. Repeat same
process for your name as you did for the flames. 

Save it and you are done.

This tutorial was written by Rebecca Townsley on 7/24/14.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Any creations you make following this  tutorial is yours
to do with as you please as long as there is no profit made.
This tutorial is not to be copied or passed around.

I would love to see your results!
If you would like them shown on my blog
Send them to with
Devine in the subject line.
Can't wait to check them out!


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