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About Tutz by BabyDragon

The Face Behind the Mask's so to speak lol!

Hello, My name is Becca.
I'm a 31yo married SAHM of two. Living in Sunny Florida and loving it.
I am originally from Alabama. I have been PSPing now for about 3 to 4 years.
For the past year or so have gotten into tutorial writing.
I decided to start Tutz by Babydragon to show off some of my tuts
and in hope that others may enjoy it. I will be celebrating my second year Anniversary with my husband Alan who I love dearly. :)
Olive Garden is a wonderful place we go to ONCE a year LMAO.
Not much left to say really I have 3 blogs that are about two totally different things.
One is my Weight loss blog, one for PSP stuff and this one for Tuts.

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